How to increase Your Page Rank

In the make money online blogosphere, I can say half of the bloggers are obsessed with their page rank. They are always looking for how to improve their page rank. You page rank is like a badge showing your success in SEO because SEO is all about optimizing your blog for search engines. From my understanding of page rank, Google gives you the page rank value based on how its bot sees your blog. If you have quality back links, your page rank would go up.

Page rank also raises the advertising price of your blog because advertisers wants backlinks. Some advertisers don’t want to advertise on a blog that has a PR 0. They would only advertise on a PR 0 blog if the blog has a lot of backlinks. But they would not pay you the same amount that they would pay someone with a PR 4 blog.

You can increase your PR by commenting on blogs, writing good content, and buying links. Writing good content is subjective. It depends on the reader. If the reader likes it, and he has a blog, he would link to you. If he doesn’t like it, then you get no link. Buying link is expensive, you need to have money to be able to do that. Buying links is not really recommendable because if you are caught by Google, they would likely give you a PR 0. Commenting on other people’s blog is the easiest way to increase your PR.

If you plan on boosting your blog’s PR, you would need to have Firefox browser because it makes your work easier. Other browsers are good, but Firefox has the right SEO tools.  You need to install these three add ons: Auto-fill forms, NoDofollow addon and SEO toolbar.

For the Auto-fill form addon, you need to customize the addon. The Auto-fill iron would auto-fill the comment section of a blog. It would autofill the name, url and email section. The NoDofollow addon would tell if a link is nofollow or dofollow (Dofollow gives you some PR juice while nofollow gives you no PR juice, you just get a backlink). To activate it, you have to right click and select the NoDofollow. The SEO toolbar is just to show you the PR of the page.

When you visit a blog with the NoDofollow addon activate, if you see a red color on the commenters names, it means it is a nofollow link. If the color is light blue, then it is a dofollow. You should leave a comment on that page. Then continue dropping comments on blogs and hopefully you would get a PR 3 on the next update. It is good to drop meaningful comments, so that your comments don’t get deleted.

If you are looking for dofollow blogs, you can search on google using the search term “dofollow blogs”. Also, you can make your own list of dofollow blogs. As you visit other blogs and you see it is do follow, copy and paste the URL somewhere. Or you can bookmark the page.

There are also 2 others, I have heard of but I cannot verify it. They are submit your site to directories and linking to your other post. I tried submitting to directories, but has never gotten any PR juice from them. I submitted to PR 3, PR 4 directories that gives one way link. I don’t do reciprocal linking. Linking to your other post is logical because if a site has a PR and you link to a post, some link juice from the PR post would be passed to the no PR post.

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