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Blogging Smartly To Make Money On The Internet

There are 2 ways to gain popularity in the blogosphere. One way is being social, and the other is having high SERPs. The social way requires you to spend time socializing with other bloggers (mostly A-list bloggers wannabes). To be social with other bloggers, you have to have a social network profile such as facebook or twitter. There is also digg, stumbleupon and other social bookmarking networks. I don’t really regard them as a social media. I see them as a media to game the search engines mostly Google. It is social because you have to contact other people to digg or stumble your articles, blog or post. And those people would likely want a reciprocal digg or stumble. The other way of being social is commenting on blogs. From my post on how to increase your page rank, commenting on other blogs help to increase your backlinks. It also helps to get you traffic if you make a thoughtful comment.

If you are not on the social media group, then you are probably trying to use SEO to gain popularity. The SEO bloggers just care about their backlinks. They just want their backlinks to have their desired keywords. For this to be possible, they do mostly article marketing and personal bookmarking. I said personal because they don’t contact other people to bookmark their article. They also do blog commenting, but the blog must be dofollow blog.

In my opinion, I prefer using SEO to gain popularity. My main goal online is to make money on the internet. The only thing I like doing as other social bloggers is reading other blogs. I love reading blogs that contains blogging tips. I read other blogs to get ideas on what to write about when I ask bloggers if I can guest post on their blogs. When I read the blogging tips blogs, I try to think about how I can incorporate make money into the guest article, so that it can be relevant to this blog. Also, as I read other blogs, I usually come across blogs that are dofollow. When I see that I make sure that I leave a comment on that blog with my anchor text, and I either bookmark the blog or save the link in my list of dofollow blogs. I prefer building my own dofollow list because most of the list on forums or on blogs are popular, meaning that the blog will be well moderated to prevent spam.

I also like commenting on the unpopular dofollow blog so that I can be on the top commenter list. This is possible because not many people know a lot about the blog. So if I drop 2 comments and the comments are approved, I would be on the list.

I also like reading other blogs to know what is going on such as how much this blogger made last month or who has found a new way to increase their search engine ranking. I know that the group of bloggers that are focused on search engine ranking would say that I am wasting my time on other blogs because it doesn’t help me to make money on the internet. I would tell them, it is not really true. I am reading other blogs to get ideas about how to get backlinks to my blog, and that would increase my SERPS, thereby making me money. I am not looking to become popular. And moreover, I usually a reader and doer and not just a reader.

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Tips On How You Can Increase Your Rankings

In my previous post about how to increase your page rank, I just wrote about using dofollow commenting and a little bit of directory submission. My purpose of that post was to write about how to do dofollow commenting to increase your page rank. In retrospect, that should have been the title of that post.

From my experience and questions I have asked other webmasters, you can increase your search engine rankings by:

1. Blog Commenting – You would comment on blogs that are related to yours. Some blogs require a certain amount of comments before the  blog dofollow the commenter. Anytime, you drop a comment, go back to the blog and make sure your comment is do follow. If not, continue dropping comments till it is do follow.

2. Directories – Submit your site to directories that have a PR. Start submitting your site with the highest PR directories you know of. If you have money, it is better to do paid submission. This shows that the directory owner doesn’t allow spam sites in the directory.

3. Link Exchanges – Exchange links with sites that have a higher PR. As in biology, diffusion occurs from a region of concentration to a region of lower concentration. When you exchange with a higher PR site, the site would leak some page rank juice to you. Make sure your link is dofollow on the blog. But don’t too have hopes, the higher PR blog might lose its PR on the next update.

4. Internal Linking – If you link to your other post pages, you can pass some PR juice to the pages.

5. Guest Blogging – You can blog for other sites in your niche. You are helping them out by giving them unique content for their site and in exchange for your help, you will get a link back to your website in the post.

Another tip is if you can get other bloggers to link to you in their post page. There are 2 ways which this can happen. One is by your control and the other is not by your control. The one that is by your control, you can do it by looking for blogs that allow guest posts, holding a contest or exchanging articles with other bloggers. The one that is not by your control is by writing quality content, by being controversial, and by giving useful information and resources to other bloggers.

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What Blogging Platform is Recommended

The recommended blogging platform depends on what you want. There are many different blogging platform that you use to blog. It depends on you, the webmaster to choose what best fits your need. There is a list of weblogs at wikipedia. Amond all the blogging platform, some platform needs you to download and install, some are open source and free, some are proprietary software that may be licensed for a fee or have versions available free of charge.

From the choice of platform of the top 100 blogs in 2008, you will see that WordPress is the most used platform. Not only with the A-list bloggers, wordpress is the most used platform in the blogosphere.

Why does the A-list bloggers use their platform. I don’t know why, but I can speak from my experience with blogger, wordpress,

1. Blogger :- This is a free blogging service owned by Google. It is easy to use. This is the recommended blogging platform to start with. Most bloggers strat with this one to get a feel of how to blog on a software. But it has its disadvantages. It doesn’t allow you to customize your blog. Register with Blogger.

2. WordPress :- This is a free open source platform that needs to be hosted on your server. At first, it seems complicated to use, but gradually it would become easy. WordPress allows you to do anything you want. You can customize it to your taste. The only disadvantage is that it needs costant update to keep up with security issues. Download and install WordPress

3. :- This is the free version of It is updated constantly by the wordpress team. The only disadvantage is that it doesn’t allow Javascript code. You need javascript code to run adsense, analytics, and some affiliate links. Get blog.

I recommend using hosted wordpress if you can afford a webhost. I just only have to update it. But for beginners, blogger is recommended to get a feel of blogging water.

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Are You Ready to Choose a Niche?

Have you decided to have your own blog ? Good. What would you blog about? Remember blogging is like a business. Every business owner goal is to keep the business forever. The business is required to make money to support the owner. So you should plan of keeping your blog online  for a long time. Use you blog as a medium of communication to other people.

What will you blog about? There are many things or topics you can blog about when starting an online business. The thing or topic that are bloggable is called Niche. Finding a niche to blog about is not that difficult as it seems. For instance, you are using either a desktop pc, laptop or mobile phone to read this. You can make a blog about computers and their accessories. You can also make a blog about protecting or fixing computers. Another example is you are wearing clothes at this present moment. you can open a blog on types of clothes, latest clothing trends, or sewing. You can blog about topics you are an expert on that is if someone wakes you up at 4:00 am, you can give a detailed description about the topic. Or you can blog about something that interests.

But I am not an expert ? That is okay. Show people that you are willing to learn. How does someone become an expert ? It is not easy. An expert is made overnight. The expert  was once a newbie and she struggled to become an expert. If she can do it, then why cannot you not do. The key with become an expert is to work hard. I am not an expert on how to make money online, but I will definitely work hard to get there.

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