Learn How to Make Money with these Blogs

There are more than enough blogs out there claiming to teach you how to make money but a large percentage of them don’t live up to that claim. Most of them post crap that doesn’t really teach anything. However, there are a few gems on the internet who really will teach you how to make money if you listen to what they say.

Below I have listed ten make money online blogs that I am subscribed to via my Google RSS feed reader. The only reason I stay subscribed to them is because they cut through all the crap and actually give useful information that teaches their readers how to earn money online, and sometimes even offline.

So, here’s the top 10 make money online blogs that I recommend, in no particular order:

1) Okay so I might have cheated a little bit by adding this make money online blog to the list because I am a co-owner of it. But we do offer a lot of great advice there so it deserves to be on the list. Not to mention, it’s one of the top ranked make money blogs on the internet so that has to count for something. Hope to see you there!

2) Grizzly Brears is a master at making money on the internet and he teaches others how to do it at his make money for beginners blog. I’ve learned a LOT from this blog and consider Griz to be one of my main mentors as well as a friend.

3) Court Tuttle is another person I have learned a great deal from about how to make money online and I consider him to be another one of my mentors. He has a very popular internet marketing blog and also co-owns the keyword academy with Mark Butler. They also have a coaching program that I highly recommend.

4) If you want to learn how to make money online with SEO then Ben is definitely someone to follow. He doesn’t post often but when he does writes very long posts filled with a ton of incredibly useful information. You’ll learn a lot from this blog and if you do what he says you will earn money online.

5) Allyn Hane truly is the “master of his own domain” at blogger illustrated. He has a personality that was born for being a video blogger and he knows his stuff. You’ll learn a lot of tips from his blog that will help you make money online and you’ll be entertained at the same time.

6) Jason Pereira is “The University Kid” who also teaches how to make money at home on his online business blog. He’s an entrepreneur who started his blog while he was still in school. Now he is a full time internet marketer who gives very useful money making information on his blog.

7) If you want to earn online cash your go to man is Frank Carr. His blog is full of great advice that will help you learn how to make money online. He’s also the creator of some products that are very helpful for internet marketers to save time and earn money.

8) Another person who teaches how to make money the honest way is Terry Didcott. He’s an internet marketing expert who also happens to be a great guy and one of my closest online business friends. He has no problem telling it like it is and he knows what he is talking about.

9) I bet you never thought a wookie named Chewie could teach you how to make money online, or did ya? Ok so, there is a real person behind the “whatawookie” blog but I am not going to reveal his true identity. Sorry to disappoint you if you really thought it was a wookie. Either way there’s still a lot of great online money making information on this blog.

10) Last but not least, we certainly can’t forget about the controversial blogger, Lis Sowerbutts, who holds nothing back as she teaches you how to earn passive income online. There’s no doubt that you will find something worth reading at this blog as Lis likes to stir things up while she teaches how to earn money online.

Some of the internet marketers who run the above blogs are well known and some are not, but none of them are what people typically call “A-List” bloggers. And there’s a good reason for that… Most of the time those A-list bloggers don’t post content on their blogs that is actually useful for learning how to make money! Yes, every once in a while they come out with a golden nugget of information, but most of the time they just post fluff and hype that doesn’t really teach you anything, or re-hashed stuff that has been posted a thousand times before on various blogs. That’s not the case with the blogs listed above. Their posts are very useful. No, not every single one of their posts are amazing, but in general they very much are.

If you want to learn how to make money — and I assume you do if you are reading this right now — then you need to read the blogs listed above on a regular basis. And actually take action on what you learn. You can’t earn money just by reading blogs; you have to put the information into action. Well, they should keep you busy for a while so I will let you go for now.

Oh and don’t forget to also come back to this blog. It’s a great resource for you to learn how to make money. Tell your buddies about it too!


I had a few thoughts about new blogs I would add to the list here. I know that I spend too much time readings MMO blogs if anything, but hey, sometimes it’s as much about having fun as making money.

1) Paul’s Earn Money online blog is a new blog that is just starting up and showing some real potential. A lot of time these new blogs can be great to follow for newer people to the game because they go back and explain everything from the most basic concepts.

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