Blogging Smartly To Make Money On The Internet

There are 2 ways to gain popularity in the blogosphere. One way is being social and the other is having high SERPS. The social way requires you to spend time socializing with other bloggers (mostly A-list bloggers wannabes). To be social with other bloggers, you have to have a social network profile such as facebook or twitter. There is also digg, stumbleupon and other social bookmarking network. I don’t really regard them as a social media. I see them as a media to game the search engines mostly Google. It is social because you have to contact other people to digg or stumble your articles, blog or post. And those people would likely want a reciprocal digg or stumble. The other way of being social is commenting on blogs. From my post on how to increase your page rank, commenting on other blogs help to increase your backlinks. It also helps to get you traffic if you make a thoughtful comment.

If you are not on the social media group, then you are probably trying to use SEO to gain popularity. The SEO bloggers just care about their backlinks. They just want their backlinks to have their desired keywords. For this to be possible, they do mostly article marketing and personal bookmarking. I said personal because they don’t contact other people to bookmark their article. They also do blog commenting, but the blog must be dofollow blog.

In my opinion, I prefer using SEO to gain popularity. My main goal online is to make money on the internet. The only thing I like doing as other social bloggers is reading other blogs. I love reading blogs that contains blogging tips. I read other blogs to get ideas on what to write about when I ask bloggers if I can guest post on their blogs. When I read the blogging tips blogs, I try to think about how I can incorporate make money into the guest article, so that it can be relevant to this blog. Also, as I read other blogs, I usually come across blogs that are dofollow. When I see that I make sure that I leave a comment on that blog with my anchor text, and I either bookmark the blog or save the link in my list of dofollow blogs. I prefer building my own dofollow list because most of the list on forums or on blogs are popular, meaning that the blog will be well moderated to prevent spam.

I also like commenting on the unpopular dofollow blog so that I can be on the top commenter list. This is possible because not many people know a lot about the blog. So if I drop 2 comments and the comments are approved, I would be on the list.

I also like reading other blogs to know what is going on such as how much this blogger made last month or who has found a new way to increase their search engine ranking. I know that the group of bloggers that are focused on search engine ranking would say that I am wasting my time on other blogs because it doesn’t help me to make money on the internet. I would tell them, it is not really true. I am reading other blogs to get ideas about how to get backlinks to my blog, and that would increase my SERPS, thereby making me money. I am not looking to become popular. And moreover, I usually a reader and doer and not just a reader.

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  1. First visit, thank you! Your article is very interesting. Maybe, if I learned a lot from your blog. Your writings should be used as reference. Hopefully this first visit may be a good start to form friendships.

  2. My first visit. I searched for the term how to make money on google and stumbled on your blog. It is a real good post about what we bloggers do. I usually preferred social bookmarking earlier but now I use it only to get my pages indexed. Google seem to like them because these social bookmarking services supply what google requires.. New contents.
    I tried blog commenting earlier but with a lot of no follows I am no longer interested in using blogging as a way to build links. When I like a post I do comment though.

  3. Great post! One can really make money via blogging.

    There are lots of ways to make money online – you can write blogs, sell on ebay, be an independent virtual SEO among others.

    I am into affiliate marketing which is another cool way of making money online. I also work for the Federal Govt but I look forward to retiring really soon.

    The economy is really bad these days but unbeknownst to many, they can have financial stability thru MLM. Sadly, a lot of people think most MLMs are scams. If only they they’d

    open their eyes & try to understand MLM & its concepts better…I’m sure they’ll be on their way to financial freedom.


  4. Right fully written,Both are neccessary in the war of better Seo,I think regular and consistent effort can make big difference.Categories your working days,just plan on Monday i will work on Social Media Websites,Tuesday for Commenting on others do follow blogs,Wednesday Writting article and submitting in top directories like ezine articles,isnare,go article,Thursday Blogging new post,Friday,working with forums like digital point forums,Saturday evaluate your work,Sunday relax and read your own blog as reader and find out your mistake.Only 2 hours daily on net will be fruit full.

  5. I got some great points from the post Dalirin.I also have my own dofollow blog list but building relationships when blogging is very important and hopefully over time people like us can get to the top of the SERPS.

  6. Agree with your comments about reading other blogs to get ideas about what to blog about… In fact, reading this blog has given me a few ideas for mine!

    I have bookmarked you and will be checking back periodically for some more inspiration. Thanks.

  7. Don’t ignore nofollow comments, they still add to your SERPs, but it doesn’t have much juice as dofollow comments.

  8. Hi, Thank you for sharing this with us. It will really be great helped because I am a totally newbie about this. Thanks again. Keep posting more about making money online. :-)

  9. Delivering value is a smart and fair way to make money online, the one I believe to be good. On the contrary: the cunning way uses all means necessary to get money because it’s the final goal. It makes people scammers, sell nothing but misleading hope, and other lowly things.

  10. I enjoy both strategies. I like doing SEO and socialing with Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Reddit and Propeller. The cool thing about Social Networks is that you’re doing SEO at the same time.

  11. Hello Dalirin

    You have a good looking blog site too. And a good range of articles. At the moment I am trying to build up readership before doing more promotional work to earn money.
    So the trade of is getting interest to get bums on seats before then trying to sell to them.

  12. Clarky, thanks for visiting my blog.

    I am putting one post on the homepage to improve my adsense earnings. Adsense works better with one post or if all the posts are related i.e have just one keyword, which this blog doesn’t have.

  13. Great post. This is my first time visiting your blog, it looks nice and it seems we both love blogging on this topic :).
    My blog is also about how to make money online, I guess we probably discuss on some topics.
    By the way, may I give you one suggestion?
    I saw you put only one post on your main page, I don’t think this is a great idea. I suggest you to list several posts on it. That would make your blog even more friendly :).

  14. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Sometimes people explain the same subject in different words and it became new idea. This is the miracle of the internet. And making money online is really great fun. No doubt reading other’s blog is a pleasure.
    Bora Paris

  15. There are two ways of which you can capture your audience. I’ve seen this a lot of times. There are bloggers who captures search engines as their audience and there are also bloggers whose audience are real people.

    I would say that a lot of bloggers nowadays “optimize” certain keywords in Google trends to make money online. Unfortunately, with the kind of writings that most of them have, they end up being spam blogs.

  16. I agree with the other commenters. Their are a lot of blogs out there but it’s good to find one that clearly lays out the intricacies of the internet.

    I have subscribed to your updates.

  17. The low when quantity converts to quality is applied in blogging as well. The real people come to popular blog for one reason. I’m sure you know why. And it’s OK.
    When blogger creates own blog big enough he(she) doesn’t visit other blogs. There is no reason for this.
    The bloggers you are talking about are in a different weight categories.
    Couple of days ago I did experiment I’ll cover probably today in my blog. Very interesting results.

  18. Thank you for writing such an understandable article. I’ve been trying to learn how to make money with my blog, and I am definitely bookmarking this article for my resources. You give a lot of relevant information that I have not seen on others sites about this very topic. However, I did come across the site bloggers payback and was wondering if anyone has heard of this, or has anyone tried it out? I’d appreciate any feedback!

  19. I think selling on ebay is also one of the easiest and fastest ways to start making money online and scams are very little there.

  20. I think that easiest way to make money on internet through affiliates is to make a blog and then just add some affiliate links. To be honest the blogging is probably the best solution becouse it will also get you far in SE.

  21. I really interest in making money online, but I have some thing to learn and do some experiments to proof it. your article is very useful for my experiment.. thanks a lot

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    If you have a blog site, you can use the Facebook Page to update your fans on new entries to your blog site.

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