Make Money Blogging

Blogging Smartly To Make Money On The Internet

There are 2 ways to gain popularity in the blogosphere. One way is being social, and the other is having high SERPs. The social way requires you to spend time socializing with other bloggers (mostly A-list bloggers wannabes). To be social with other bloggers, you have to have a social network profile such as facebook or twitter. There is also digg, stumbleupon and other social bookmarking networks. I don’t really regard them as a social media. I see them as a media to game the search engines mostly Google. It is social because you have to contact other people to digg or stumble your articles, blog or post. And those people would likely want a reciprocal digg or stumble. The other way of being social is commenting on blogs. From my post on how to increase your page rank, commenting on other blogs help to increase your backlinks. It also helps to get you traffic if you make a thoughtful comment.

If you are not on the social media group, then you are probably trying to use SEO to gain popularity. The SEO bloggers just care about their backlinks. They just want their backlinks to have their desired keywords. For this to be possible, they do mostly article marketing and personal bookmarking. I said personal because they don’t contact other people to bookmark their article. They also do blog commenting, but the blog must be dofollow blog.

In my opinion, I prefer using SEO to gain popularity. My main goal online is to make money on the internet. The only thing I like doing as other social bloggers is reading other blogs. I love reading blogs that contains blogging tips. I read other blogs to get ideas on what to write about when I ask bloggers if I can guest post on their blogs. When I read the blogging tips blogs, I try to think about how I can incorporate make money into the guest article, so that it can be relevant to this blog. Also, as I read other blogs, I usually come across blogs that are dofollow. When I see that I make sure that I leave a comment on that blog with my anchor text, and I either bookmark the blog or save the link in my list of dofollow blogs. I prefer building my own dofollow list because most of the list on forums or on blogs are popular, meaning that the blog will be well moderated to prevent spam.

I also like commenting on the unpopular dofollow blog so that I can be on the top commenter list. This is possible because not many people know a lot about the blog. So if I drop 2 comments and the comments are approved, I would be on the list.

I also like reading other blogs to know what is going on such as how much this blogger made last month or who has found a new way to increase their search engine ranking. I know that the group of bloggers that are focused on search engine ranking would say that I am wasting my time on other blogs because it doesn’t help me to make money on the internet. I would tell them, it is not really true. I am reading other blogs to get ideas about how to get backlinks to my blog, and that would increase my SERPS, thereby making me money. I am not looking to become popular. And moreover, I usually a reader and doer and not just a reader.

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Is There Any Number 1 Way to Make Money Online?

In my opinion, there is no number 1 way to make money online. I am saying that because there are so many different ways to make money online and everyone has their own preferences. They include affiliate marketing, selling products, flipping sites, paid plugs, blogging, business opportunities, adsense, CPA, online payday loans, and many more. Some of these ways work better for some people, while the same way would not produce much money for other people. This is because not every one has the same amount of resources. For instance if you want to make money with CPC programs such as Adsense, you need to have a blog that has good search engine ranking. A site ranking number one for a keyword would make more money than a site ranking number 10 for the same keyword.

To me, the number 1 way to make money online is doing paid posting. This is the easiest to me because you just have to write a post, normally 100 words about a website or a service. If you want to get more opportunity, you need to have a high page rank (read how to improve your page rank). The higher your page rank the more opportunity you would receive and better the offer. This method is not reliable because if you lose your page rank, it would be hard to find any opportunity, unless you have traffic.

I come recommend anyone new to internet marketing to do paid post because it is easy to make a blog to have a page rank. Then as the person’s site matures, the person can do either affiliate marketing or use adsense on their site.

If you are not sure or still looking for other resources to learn how to make money online, you can try The Number 1 Way To Make Money Online. This a new make money online guide. This guide teaches you how to make money online. It is divided into 9 parts. This 9 parts contains everything about internet marketing. It starts from how to choose a niche (Part 1) to treating it as a business (Part 9). This guide is for people that want to learn how to make money online without them spending tons of hours reading other articles and blogs. The number 1 way to make money online seems easy to follow, because you are given one week to read and practice what you have learned.

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How to Make Money Writing For eHow

There are websites that would pay you to write for them. One of the website is eHow. eHow doesn’t really pay to write for them, they are like a revenue paying site i.e. if they make money from your article, they would give you part of the money. I don’t know how much percentage they would give to you from the revenue. I chose eHow because it is easy to wrote articles over there. eHow is not really strict, they want you to follow their guidelines. Their guidelines are what you should already know if you know how to produce quality content. eHow editors wants the site to have quality content.

Any article you publish on ehow goes live as soon as you hit the publish button. If the article you publish is low quality, the editors would delete it later. I once heard that the editors delete articles that don’t generate any revenue. I think because they believe that the article has low quality.

As of today, I have made $44.82 from ehow. This is from 2 months from my article being live on ehow. I have published 11 articles on ehow. Some articles have made money, while some haven’t made a penny yet. I am thinking ehow editors might soon remove those articles.

If you are thinking about you can write on ehow, let me tell you that you can write about anything. You are required to write about how to do things. You know how to do somethings, then write about it. Since you have the practical knowledge already, you just have transfer the knowledge into writing which I guess would not take you a lot of time. It is also good to insert a picture into your article.

Looking at the homepage of ehow, I guess that they put articles that are demand. That is during the summer period, ehow would like to put articles that are related to summer on their homepages such as gardening, tanning, beach and the rest. I guess that writing this type of articles would make you more money because they are in demand.

I have read about people that make about $200  per month with ehow. The author of the book, how to write for ehow, makes more than $1000 per month from ehow. He has more than 200 articles on ehow. If you want to make money, you should be ready to write a lot of articles. 11 articles would take you no where.

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