Tips On How You Can Increase Your Rankings

In my previous post about how to increase your page rank, I just wrote about using dofollow commenting and a little bit of directory submission. My purpose of that post was to write about how to do dofollow commenting to increase your page rank. In retrospect, that should have been the title of that post.

From my experience and questions I have asked other webmasters, you can increase your search engine rankings by:

1. Blog Commenting – You would comment on blogs that are related to yours. Some blogs require a certain amount of comments before theĀ  blog dofollow the commenter. Anytime, you drop a comment, go back to the blog and make sure your comment is do follow. If not, continue dropping comments till it is do follow.

2. Directories – Submit your site to directories that have a PR. Start submitting your site with the highest PR directories you know of. If you have money, it is better to do paid submission. This shows that the directory owner doesn’t allow spam sites in the directory.

3. Link Exchanges – Exchange links with sites that have a higher PR. As in biology, diffusion occurs from a region of concentration to a region of lower concentration. When you exchange with a higher PR site, the site would leak some page rank juice to you. Make sure your link is dofollow on the blog. But don’t too have hopes, the higher PR blog might lose its PR on the next update.

4. Internal Linking – If you link to your other post pages, you can pass some PR juice to the pages.

5. Guest Blogging – You can blog for other sites in your niche. You are helping them out by giving them unique content for their site and in exchange for your help, you will get a link back to your website in the post.

Another tip is if you can get other bloggers to link to you in their post page. There are 2 ways which this can happen. One is by your control and the other is not by your control. The one that is by your control, you can do it by looking for blogs that allow guest posts, holding a contest or exchanging articles with other bloggers. The one that is not by your control is by writing quality content, by being controversial, and by giving useful information and resources to other bloggers.

13 thoughts on “Tips On How You Can Increase Your Rankings

  1. Hi,

    Great advice. Backlinks are a key element to move up in page rank. I like to visit various blogs and leave useful and personal comments.

    Thanks for sharing your insight.


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  3. Good tips! Getting backlinks from quality page rank pages helps in improving page rank!

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  5. One of the best ways to increase page rank is to have hundreds of pages in your website and to write quality articles and press releases as well as some commenting on blogs ( though the links are usually irrelevant so don’t really help much.)

  6. Everything I hear at the moment points towards links to good quality websites with high page ranks.

    The best way to do that is to provide regular good quality content.

    If you have something to say and you keep saying it sooner or later someone will hear you.

  7. Thank for sharing many good tips. But I don’t think PR is important element to ranking a website. In stead of increasing PR, I use to focus on keyword research, meta tags, content of website and quality of backlinks. How about you?

  8. I’ve heard that building backlinks is important but it really hasn’t done me any good. Domain age is very important.

  9. Building backlinks is important but domain age has alot to do with page rank if you don’t have alot of pages in your website.

  10. Great post. I have heard about internal linking but is just seemed so simple it always went in one ear and out the other. However reading it here now lets me understand the value.


    To Your XXL Success with your Blog!

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