Make Money with Google Adsense

What is Google Adsense and How do You Make Money With it?

Adsense is an advertisment program ran by Google. To make money from adsense, you have to put a javascript code from your adsense account into your blog or site. The code would generate an ad on the section of your blog you put it i.e. if you put the code in your header, it would generate an ad at your header. If someone clicks on the ad, Google would give you some money.

Making money with Google Adsense seems easy right? You just get a blog, slap adsense on the blog, then you start making money when someone clicks your ad. Also, if you read my post on make money posting links on Google, the site also make it look easy. But the problem with this is where will you get someone to click your ad. Google would ban you if you click your ad. There are many people that Google have banned from their first day on being accepted into the adsense program because they were clicking their ad. Most of them were just experimenting. They wanted to know if their ad is working, if someone clicks on it. They clicked on their ad multiple times and they got that dreaded email from Google that their account have been banned. Also don’t tell people to click on your adsense’s ad.

To get people to visit your site and become potential ads clickers, you have to either be social active or have good search engine ranking. Being social active means that you would drive people (traffic) to your blog by commenting on other people’s blog, joining forums, joining social media sites such as digg, reddit, delicious, twitter etc. To have a good search engine ranking, you should have optimize your blog either off site and on site. This is called SEOing your site for adsense.

You can do both ways to get traffic to your site if you can. But if you don’t have time, you should try to improve your rank on search engines because those are the ones that click on ads because they want something such as looking for the answer for a question or looking for how to get something. Social traffic don’t click on ads. They are just looking for you to return to their site and nothing else. If you do a good job blending your adsense’s ad, your might get some clicks from social traffic.

The amount you can make on adsense depends on your keywords. Some keywords pay better than others. For instance, if your niche is credit, the you can make about $8 for one click for the keyword credit report. If your niche is make money online, you can make about $3 with the keyword, ways to make money online. This is what you can make if you site is very well targeted for that niche. Of course, you can earn less than that. You can get clicks that would give you $0.01.

I don’t know how true is this, but I heard Google now requires new applicants to have a site that is 6 months old with content before you can get accepted into their adsense program and make money with google.

8 thoughts on “Make Money with Google Adsense

  1. We’re putting only a few on each site as we put them up and depending on stats we may add more and do a 301 direct from some.

  2. The amount of money we earn about Adsense really depends on our respective niches. My friend’s site although she has lesser traffic than mine, earns as much as I am because of her niche


  3. you have to wait for six months to get your account if u have a blog….
    i mean your blogspot account should be six months old to get adsense approved on that blog ….

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  5. We’ll i am doing my own blogging now i hope the job is very truthful as well i will like to make some money soon.

  6. I had my site going only a couple days before getting an Adsense acct, so don’t worry about the 6 mos. Also, if you get denied, you can always apply again. I was denied for a domain I was trying to park, but was able to add it later.

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