Apr 292009

I was checking my email today when I saw a text ad about how to make money posting links on Google. I was curious so I clicked on the ad to see what the site has to offer. The site post title was “How I Started Making $6,700 a Month by Working from Home Online.” That amount is impressive, if it was true.

In the post, the owner of the site wrote about those stories that the person when from a 9-5 job to start making money online from their home. He was laid off from his job, and he decided to search for how to make money online. He found two opportunities and now he is making between $5,000 and $8,000 a month by working at home from Google. What attracted me was a picture of his old and new cars.

He went from an wrecked old car to a new Porsche. This is an improvement in life if his story is true. He also showed an adsense check of about $6,000 that Google sent to him. I am an internet marketer and I don’t know how this works i.e. you would post links on Google and they send a check to you.

To post links on Google, you need to use adwords. You would for any click on your ads on Google. Google then splits the amount your pay per click between themselves and the people displaying your ads. Google pays those people displaying their ads through adsense. This means there is a discrepancy with the ads title. The ad should have said make money posting links for Google — and not ON Google.

After 1 week, I saw another ad of a student that makes money posting links on Google. Both programs are the same. The program that both ads are promoting are Google Home Business Kit and Google Marketing Kit. The Home business kit is free to try, but you would have to pay for $1.99 S & H. The Marketing Kit is also free to try, but cost $3 for S & H. I think the free period is for one month, after one month you would be charged a certain amount

If you want to make money with Google, you need to have your own site or blog. After you have created one, then you apply to Google Adsense to get a publisher id. After you have been approved, you can put those links on your blog. If somebody click on the ad, you would be paid a certain amount of money. Depending on your preference, you can choose to receive your commission to be deposited in your bank or you can choose to receive an check.

Don’t let the ads that say “make money posting links on Google” deceive you. It’s not as easy as most of them make it seem nor would you be doing exactly what most of them try to make you think you would be doing in order to earn money from Google.

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  1. […] on the blog, then you start making money when someone clicks your ad. Also, if you read my post on make money posting links on Google, the site also make it look easy. But the problem with this is where will you get someone to click […]

  2. There is nothing in this world called, “EASY MONEY”


  3. i truly believe.. u can never get easy money….

    my site doesn’t generate much money…. :(

  4. yes it is not as easy as the people are shouting on the internet but one should try it once he is trained than it is not a problem to earn few dollars with little effort.just try achance

  5. You can generate easy money online, but you have to take a few months to learn the basic, after that you are good to go.

  6. i haven’t tried making money with google but i also have a pretty good feeling this does NOT work. i’ve done research and have found that the FTC claims these so-called ‘google checks’ are FAKES. listen, if everybody could just post links on google and make thousands, EVERYBODY would be doing it. if anyone wants to try this, i would say that it’s up to them but PLEASE BE CAREFUL.

  7. I make 5 million dollars a week posting a link on Google and I only had to get 21 free Google kits. I didn’t have to read or learn anything!

    Seriously, though…

    You probably should avoid the free trial kits or at least be extremely cautious.

    Many of them are tied to criminal organizations or organizations who have been in trouble with the FTC or their state consumer protection agencies multiple times.

    Plus just because a company SAYS you can cancel a certain way doesn’t mean they will make it easy or even possible for you to do so. And don’t think that just because customer service says that they canceled your trial or monthly charges that they actually DID it.

  8. you known there is no how you can post a link on Google without paying it unless you post it through your blog or website
    if you have any thing to say reply this comment

  9. hi. i have tried this stupid make money with google thing. i paid $4 for the kit and couple of weeks later they took $90 out my account with out asking and gave me a stupid crap website to do business with. Its a huge scam but it helped me to learn bit more about the scams and more updates for my website.

  10. This is a great post and it’s good to know that there are good people looking out for people. If you want to know how to make money for real posting links with Google the click here. This is no scam and if you search Google for “posting links for google” this blog ranks #1 which means it is reliable.

  11. I am new here and I am looking forward to get to know you all. And I hope to learn more about how to make money online as time goes by.

  12. No, you can’t. I wasted some money on that. No use. Pls don’t try.

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  14. You don’t have to pay for these kits. Do your research, its free to set up website to make money with Google. Those kits are a scams to get your money. Be aware.

  15. It’s true that there is no easy money. To make good money, you must possess a talent of some sort, or an above average ability doing something. Above all, you must never pay money to be paid. The only reason that they ask you for shipping fees is literally to have access to your banking info, under the guise of a business idea that’s worth less than crap. Any amount of money will let them in on your info.

    Online shopping is a horrid way to get my money stolen. Once your info is out, your peace of mind is out.

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