Make Money with Google Adsense

What is Google Adsense and How do You Make Money With it?

Adsense is an advertisment program ran by Google. To make money from adsense, you have to put a javascript code from your adsense account into your blog or site. The code would generate an ad on the section of your blog you put it i.e. if you put the code in your header, it would generate an ad at your header. If someone clicks on the ad, Google would give you some money.

Making money with Google Adsense seems easy right? You just get a blog, slap adsense on the blog, then you start making money when someone clicks your ad. Also, if you read my post on make money posting links on Google, the site also make it look easy. But the problem with this is where will you get someone to click your ad. Google would ban you if you click your ad. There are many people that Google have banned from their first day on being accepted into the adsense program because they were clicking their ad. Most of them were just experimenting. They wanted to know if their ad is working, if someone clicks on it. They clicked on their ad multiple times and they got that dreaded email from Google that their account have been banned. Also don’t tell people to click on your adsense’s ad.

To get people to visit your site and become potential ads clickers, you have to either be social active or have good search engine ranking. Being social active means that you would drive people (traffic) to your blog by commenting on other people’s blog, joining forums, joining social media sites such as digg, reddit, delicious, twitter etc. To have a good search engine ranking, you should have optimize your blog either off site and on site. This is called SEOing your site for adsense.

You can do both ways to get traffic to your site if you can. But if you don’t have time, you should try to improve your rank on search engines because those are the ones that click on ads because they want something such as looking for the answer for a question or looking for how to get something. Social traffic don’t click on ads. They are just looking for you to return to their site and nothing else. If you do a good job blending your adsense’s ad, your might get some clicks from social traffic.

The amount you can make on adsense depends on your keywords. Some keywords pay better than others. For instance, if your niche is credit, the you can make about $8 for one click for the keyword credit report. If your niche is make money online, you can make about $3 with the keyword, ways to make money online. This is what you can make if you site is very well targeted for that niche. Of course, you can earn less than that. You can get clicks that would give you $0.01.

I don’t know how true is this, but I heard Google now requires new applicants to have a site that is 6 months old with content before you can get accepted into their adsense program and make money with google.

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Can You Make Money Posting Links On Google?

I was checking my email today when I saw a text ad about how to make money posting links on Google. I was curious so I clicked on the ad to see what the site has to offer. The site post title was “How I Started Making $6,700 a Month by Working from Home Online.” That amount is impressive, if it was true.

In the post, the owner of the site wrote about those stories that the person when from a 9-5 job to start making money online from their home. He was laid off from his job, and he decided to search for how to make money online. He found two opportunities and now he is making between $5,000 and $8,000 a month by working at home from Google. What attracted me was a picture of his old and new cars.

He went from an wrecked old car to a new Porsche. This is an improvement in life if his story is true. He also showed an adsense check of about $6,000 that Google sent to him. I am an internet marketer and I don’t know how this works i.e. you would post links on Google and they send a check to you.

To post links on Google, you need to use adwords. You would for any click on your ads on Google. Google then splits the amount your pay per click between themselves and the people displaying your ads. Google pays those people displaying their ads through adsense. This means there is a discrepancy with the ads title. The ad should have said make money posting links for Google — and not ON Google.

After 1 week, I saw another ad of a student that makes money posting links on Google. Both programs are the same. The program that both ads are promoting are Google Home Business Kit and Google Marketing Kit. The Home business kit is free to try, but you would have to pay for $1.99 S & H. The Marketing Kit is also free to try, but cost $3 for S & H. I think the free period is for one month, after one month you would be charged a certain amount

If you want to make money with Google, you need to have your own site or blog. After you have created one, then you apply to Google Adsense to get a publisher id. After you have been approved, you can put those links on your blog. If somebody click on the ad, you would be paid a certain amount of money. Depending on your preference, you can choose to receive your commission to be deposited in your bank or you can choose to receive an check.

Don’t let the ads that say “make money posting links on Google” deceive you. It’s not as easy as most of them make it seem nor would you be doing exactly what most of them try to make you think you would be doing in order to earn money from Google.

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Tips On How You Can Increase Your Rankings

In my previous post about how to increase your page rank, I just wrote about using dofollow commenting and a little bit of directory submission. My purpose of that post was to write about how to do dofollow commenting to increase your page rank. In retrospect, that should have been the title of that post.

From my experience and questions I have asked other webmasters, you can increase your search engine rankings by:

1. Blog Commenting – You would comment on blogs that are related to yours. Some blogs require a certain amount of comments before the  blog dofollow the commenter. Anytime, you drop a comment, go back to the blog and make sure your comment is do follow. If not, continue dropping comments till it is do follow.

2. Directories – Submit your site to directories that have a PR. Start submitting your site with the highest PR directories you know of. If you have money, it is better to do paid submission. This shows that the directory owner doesn’t allow spam sites in the directory.

3. Link Exchanges – Exchange links with sites that have a higher PR. As in biology, diffusion occurs from a region of concentration to a region of lower concentration. When you exchange with a higher PR site, the site would leak some page rank juice to you. Make sure your link is dofollow on the blog. But don’t too have hopes, the higher PR blog might lose its PR on the next update.

4. Internal Linking – If you link to your other post pages, you can pass some PR juice to the pages.

5. Guest Blogging – You can blog for other sites in your niche. You are helping them out by giving them unique content for their site and in exchange for your help, you will get a link back to your website in the post.

Another tip is if you can get other bloggers to link to you in their post page. There are 2 ways which this can happen. One is by your control and the other is not by your control. The one that is by your control, you can do it by looking for blogs that allow guest posts, holding a contest or exchanging articles with other bloggers. The one that is not by your control is by writing quality content, by being controversial, and by giving useful information and resources to other bloggers.

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When is the Next PR Update

I wished I knew the answer to this question. This is a question that is normally asked in webmaster’s forums. People speculate when the next update would be. The only people that knows this answer are those Google employees because they are the ones doing it.

Already, there are speculations that the next toolbar PR update would be in July because Google shows us the PR updates after 3 months. For this year 2009, the first toolbar update was on January 1st. The next update was on April 1st. I can speculate that the next update would either be on July 1st or August 1st. I chose 1st because the PR updates had occurred on the 1st day of the month. Google is not obligated to follow a schedule. It can update the toolbar PR any time.

The toolbar PR would be likely updated on July, but the real PR of web pages are updated daily. The toolbar update is lagging behind. What you see on the toolbar is what Google wants you to see. I am saying the true PR value of a site is updated daily because of my experience with an expired domain.

I bought an expired PR 3 domain in February. This was my first time of buying an expired domain. The seller was selling it for $20. I thought that was cheap because to get a permanent link from a PR 2 site, the seller might charge you $10 for 1 link. If you want to buy 2 links, that means you would have to pay $20. I saw that buying the PR 3 domain for $20 is cheap because I can put unlimited links on the site to help me make money online. I did nothing to the domain. I just installed wordpress on the domain. After 3 weeks of the purchase, I visited the site and my toolbar was showing me gray i.e. Page Rank (n/a). Google took the PR away from the site. This was before the April PR update. I thought it was a mistake, that my toolbar was acting weird. I waited for a week and when it still showed me PR n/a, I accepted the fact that the PR is gone and the site needs to be put to rest.

I also have also noticed that when I am searching for a keyword on Google, some new web pages rank higher than some web sites with PR. I wonder why would Google give that new webpage with no PR a higher search engine ranking than the already existing site with PR. Both sites have some of the keywords I am looking for. It is after a PR update, that I would notice that the new webpage would later have a higher PR than the older site.

As no one really knows when next is the toolbar PR update, you just have to continue building quality links. The more quality links you build the higher your PR would be i.e it is much easy to get your site to be PR 1, but it needs more work to get your site to a PR 3. To get your site to be PR 7, you need to know webmasters that have PR 8 sites and above to link to you. You should have a very good network to get that. Don’t get me wrong, it is possible to get a PR 7 from PR 1 sites, but you need like half a million of PR 1 sites. This is according to the tnx PR table.

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How to increase Your Page Rank

In the make money online blogosphere, I can say half of the bloggers are obsessed with their page rank. They are always looking for how to improve their page rank. You page rank is like a badge showing your success in SEO because SEO is all about optimizing your blog for search engines. From my understanding of page rank, Google gives you the page rank value based on how its bot sees your blog. If you have quality back links, your page rank would go up.

Page rank also raises the advertising price of your blog because advertisers wants backlinks. Some advertisers don’t want to advertise on a blog that has a PR 0. They would only advertise on a PR 0 blog if the blog has a lot of backlinks. But they would not pay you the same amount that they would pay someone with a PR 4 blog.

You can increase your PR by commenting on blogs, writing good content, and buying links. Writing good content is subjective. It depends on the reader. If the reader likes it, and he has a blog, he would link to you. If he doesn’t like it, then you get no link. Buying link is expensive, you need to have money to be able to do that. Buying links is not really recommendable because if you are caught by Google, they would likely give you a PR 0. Commenting on other people’s blog is the easiest way to increase your PR.

If you plan on boosting your blog’s PR, you would need to have Firefox browser because it makes your work easier. Other browsers are good, but Firefox has the right SEO tools.  You need to install these three add ons: Auto-fill forms, NoDofollow addon and SEO toolbar.

For the Auto-fill form addon, you need to customize the addon. The Auto-fill iron would auto-fill the comment section of a blog. It would autofill the name, url and email section. The NoDofollow addon would tell if a link is nofollow or dofollow (Dofollow gives you some PR juice while nofollow gives you no PR juice, you just get a backlink). To activate it, you have to right click and select the NoDofollow. The SEO toolbar is just to show you the PR of the page.

When you visit a blog with the NoDofollow addon activate, if you see a red color on the commenters names, it means it is a nofollow link. If the color is light blue, then it is a dofollow. You should leave a comment on that page. Then continue dropping comments on blogs and hopefully you would get a PR 3 on the next update. It is good to drop meaningful comments, so that your comments don’t get deleted.

If you are looking for dofollow blogs, you can search on google using the search term “dofollow blogs”. Also, you can make your own list of dofollow blogs. As you visit other blogs and you see it is do follow, copy and paste the URL somewhere. Or you can bookmark the page.

There are also 2 others, I have heard of but I cannot verify it. They are submit your site to directories and linking to your other post. I tried submitting to directories, but has never gotten any PR juice from them. I submitted to PR 3, PR 4 directories that gives one way link. I don’t do reciprocal linking. Linking to your other post is logical because if a site has a PR and you link to a post, some link juice from the PR post would be passed to the no PR post.

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