How to Change Your WordPress Blog Header

The theme I am using on my blog right now is free. Since it is free, it means that I have to customize it myself. I didn’t like how the header was looking because it had my blog tagline overlapping with my blog title.

I had to change it for 2 reasons. I didn’t like it and I had to brand myself.  I couldn’t figure out how to change, but a wordpress designer told me what I should do.

How Can You Change Your Blog Header

You need to look at the source code of your blog from your browser. You have to go to your homepage. Right click on any place on the screen (not on any link). Go to View Page Source. When the source code opens, hold Ctrl + F. This will bring the find box. You want to look for the location of the header code. In the find box, type in body. It would take you to the body code i.e. <body>

The next line in the body area is the header. In my case, it was

<div id="ja-mainwrapper">

I downloaded my theme to my pc. I went to the images folder (…../theme/images). I looked for the word “mainwrapper”. I noticed on an image that had a blue background like my header and it was called main wrap. So I decided to rename my new header image as main wrap and deleted the old image. I uploaded the theme back to my wordpress.

Then I went to my header.php. I commented out the title and the tagline. I did this by using  <!–   –>. The space in between the dashes is where the text I want to comment goes into.

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Should You Use www in Your Domain Name

When I am blog hopping, I see some people don’t use www. in their domain name. I don’t know if they want it like that or they cannot fix it. I had a blog that didn’t have www. in its URL. But when I was trying to build backlink, I was using www. in the URL. I thought there was no difference between having www. or no www. Any time, I type in the domain name on the address bar of the browser with www, it would take me to the website. I was expecting to see something like Address not found and it will tell me to try again. But instead of seeing that, I was seeing my blog. So I thought there was no big deal in that. I was proven wrong. As you know, somebody with a small blog would be obsessed with statistics.

One day, I was checking my backlinks with yahoo site explorer. If you go to yahoo site explorer, you would in the text box where there is Explore URL there is http:// already written. You just have to type in the full URL of the site you want to explore. I decided to type my domain name with no www. I found out I had 17 links. Then I decide to include www. in the domain. I found out I had 32 links. This means I had different backlinks.

If Yahoo is seeing my links like this, this means Google and other search engines are seeing them like that also.

I would recommended you should use www because if other people are linking to you they might not copy and paste your URL. They might think you have www. in your URL because that is the standard thing for most sites. So when they link to you, they would write www in the link.

Make Your URL to Have www (WordPress)

To Make your wordpress blog to have www in its domain name, login into Admin panel –> Settings –> General

In the WordPress address (URL) box, put www. in to the address name.

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Your Permalinks Needs to be Changed

If you just installed your wordpress blog, you would notice that the first post page would have a URL of and the 1 shows that that is the first post. This URL is called permalinks. If you have this type of URL, it is advisable to change it because

1. Hard to Show on Search Engine : – It is much more harder for search engine to show this type of URL on their because your keyword is not there. Your keyword can be any word. With this type of permalink, search engines have to search through URLs that has 1 in it. But with your keywords, search engines can rank you on their search just based on your permalinks. I have arrived at websites just through the post permalink.

2. Hard to Remember :- I can look at a title of a post and guess what the permalink is. I would only be wrong if the owner decides to shorten the URL.

How to Change the Permalink On WordPress

To change your wordpress permalink, login to Admin Control Panel –> Permalinks.

I choose Month and Year i.e. /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%/. (You can copy and paste this in the custom box)

Some people use just /%postname%/. The would make your post to be instead. People argue that this is good because search engines don’t have to go through something else i.e. date or category to index that webpage.

I choose the Month and Year because of blogger. Google owns blogger so it would have to make it SEO friendly. On blogger, the permalink is done by blogger. The permalink is /2009/01/postname.

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The Pings Services that Got Me Indexed

I wrote a post that I said I got indexed in Google in 20 minutes after publishing the post. I used ping services. Ping services is a way by which your blog tells servers that you have made a new post. This would help to keep your blog fresh on search engines. The Ping services I used were

To insert these on your wordpress blog, go to your Your Control Panel –> Settings –> Writing . Then scroll down. In the update services text box, copy and past the Ping services.

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Allow Ask and Cuil to See Your Blog

Apart from Google, Yahoo and MSN live search, there are other search engines. These other search engines won’t drive a lot of traffic to your site, but it is still good if you submit your site to them. The other search engines are Cuil and Ask.

Submitting Your Blog to Cuil

Cuil is faily new search engine. It came out in August 2008. The owners plan is to out-rank Google as the top most search engine. Cuil boasts of more than 100 billion web pages it has indexed. I haven’t read about anyone saying she/she got traffic from Cuil to their blog.

To submit to Cuil, go to Submit Site. On the webpage, you have 2 textbox: Your Email and site URL box. In the Your Email box, entering your email is optional. In the Site URL, you will enter your site URL for submission. After submitting, you will see a message on a page saying “Your message has been sent. Thanks for writing us.”

Submitting Your Blog to Ask

I can only find how to submit your sitemap to Ask. I got the information from Ask: webmasters. These are the instructions given to submit your sitemap.

SITEMAP: http://www.the URL of your sitemap here.xml

The sitemap location should be the full sitemap URL. Alternatively, you can also submit your sitemap through the ping URL: URL of your sitemap here.xml

If done correctly, you would see this message

Your Sitemap submission was successful

Your Sitemap has been successfully received and added to our Sitemap queue.
Thank you for your submission!

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